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Majestic Reels Warranty

What does this warranty cover?

This warranty only covers defects made during the manufacturing processes by Majestic Reels for the original purchaser, original gift recipient, or original winner in an event Majestic Reels donated a reel to.  This warranty is NOT transferable.


Original Gift Recipient / Original Winner warranty terms:  The warranty will transfer to the original gift recipient or original winner as long as the centerpin remained in unused condition at the time of receipt.  Also, for the warranty to transfer, the original gift recipient or original winner must contact Majestic Reels within five (5) days of receipt so we can update our records accordingly.  If the original gift recipient or original winner fails to contact Majestic Reels within that timeframe, the warranty will not transfer. 


​What does this warranty not cover?

This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, any broken parts caused by operator error or from someone other than original purchaser using the centerpin, do-it-yourself modification(s), misuse, any unauthorized repair(s), and negligence in proper cleaning and maintenance of the centerpin.  This warranty does not cover the bearings. 


What is the coverage period for the warranty?

The warranty period will be for up to three (3) years commencing on the date the original purchaser receives the centerpin (or upon receipt of original gift recipient or original winner as long as Majestic Reels is notified accordingly).

What will Majestic Reels do to correct manufacturing defects?

If you suspect that there is a manufacturing defect, please contact Majestic Reels to discuss the issue.  You will receive instructions on how to return the centerpin for Majestic Reels to review.  When you return the centerpin to Majestic Reels, you will need to send proof of original purchase, proof of receiving the centerpin as a gift from the original purchaser, or proof of being the original winner of the centerpin.  If after Majestic Reels' review it is found the issue is due to a manufacturing defect, you will be notified and the repair or replacement will be made at no cost to you.  The centerpin will be returned to you after the repair or replacement is complete and you will be refunded your shipping cost to send your centerpin to Majestic Reels.

What will Majestic Reels do if it is found to not be a manufacturing defect?

If this issue is found to not be of a Majestic Reels' manufacturing defect, you will be contacted to discuss repair or replacement options.  You will be provided with a quote with cost and lead time for the repair or replacement.  If you want Majestic Reels to complete the repair or replacement, you will be asked to sign the quote and return that to Majestic Reels along with payment. Once the signed quote and payment are received, Majestic Reels will complete the work on your centerpin within the timeframe given on the quote and it will be returned to you when ready.  You will not be refunded for shipping your centerpin to Majestic Reels. 


This warranty will not be granted on any suspected manufacturing defects that are found to be repaired by someone other than Majestic Reels prior to Majestic Reels receiving the centerpin to review. 


Please contact Majestic Reels if you have any questions regarding the warranty.

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