Cleaning and Care Instructions

To ensure your centerpin keeps working its best, Majestic Reels suggests the following instructions for cleaning and care:

1)  It is best to check the thumb screw before every outing to make sure it is snug. If your thumb screw is coated, we would suggest putting tape over what you use to snug the thumb screw to avoid scratches. 


2)  If you need to remove the handles, make sure to unscrew the nuts from inside the spool first before unscrewing the handle pins.


3)  It is suggested to oil the ball bearings about every two (2) years and to use a light speed bearing oil.  Use only one drop of light speed bearing oil as over oiling the bearings will alter their performance. Do not use grease or any other lubricant that is not specific for ball bearings.


4)  Do not use the clicker as a drag as it was not designed for that purpose.  Majestic Reels will not cover any repairs under the Warranty if it is found that the clicker was used inappropriately.


5)  Try your best to avoid getting sand and grit in the centerpin.  If you do need to clean it, do not use a machine cleaner or any other harsh, abrasive cleaners to clean the centerpin.  Use of these types of cleaners will eat off the anodizing.  It is suggested to clean your centerpin with mild soap and water.  


6)  Proper care and maintenance is very important to preserve performance and the life of your centerpin. 


If you have questions or need assistance with cleaning and care of your centerpin, please contact Majestic Reels at 216-772-2370 or via email at