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Cleaning and Maintenance

Proper cleaning and maintenance are vital to ensure your centerpin keeps working its best.  Majestic Reels suggests the following for cleaning and maintenance:


- It is advised to check the center screw on the spool before every outing to make sure it is snug. We suggest putting tape (electrical or some other type of “padded” tape) over what you use to tighten / untighten the center screw to avoid scratches.  Also, it is advised to not overtighten the center screw. 


- If you need to remove the handles, you will need to unscrew the nuts from inside the spool first before loosening the handle screws (if you have slotted handle screws). We suggest putting tape (electrical or some other type of “padded” tape) over what you would use to untighten / tighten the handle screws to avoid scratches/damage.  If your handle screws do not have slots, you can loosen the screw on the inside of the spool for the handle pin.  Please use caution when doing this.


- It is NOT recommended that you try to remove the center screw from the back plate (domed back plates do not have the center screw).  You could potentially damage the center screw, shaft, and/or backplate.  Please contact Majestic Reels if you need to remove this screw from the back plate. 


- It is advised to avoid putting your centerpin in the water.  The bearings are marine grade, but that does not completely stop debris from getting inside of them.  The bearings may not perform as well if debris is working its way in from being put in the water. If you need to lubricate your bearings, it is suggested to use one drop of light speed bearing oil. Do not oil the bearings frequently or use too much oil as over oiling the bearings may alter their performance.  Do not use grease or any other lubricant that is not specific for ball bearings.


- It is strongly advised to not “gorilla” grip your centerpin, slap at it to get it to spin, or drop it.  The bearings and components are precise and any excess force by these actions may put unnecessary wear and tear on the bearings and components. 


- Do not use the clicker as a drag because it was not designed for that purpose.  Majestic Reels will not cover any repairs under the warranty if it is found that the clicker was used inappropriately.


- Try to avoid getting sand, grit, etc. in the centerpin.  If you do need to clean your centerpin, it is advised that you do not use a machine cleaner or any other harsh, abrasive cleaner.  Use of these types of cleaners may damage the anodizing.  We suggest using a mild soap and water and use a clean microfiber towel or other soft, non-abrasive, lint free cloth. You may also put a light coat of WD40 on the centerpin and leave it on for a few minutes before washing it off to help clean the spool and back plate.


Please contact Majestic Reels if you have any questions regarding cleaning and maintenance.

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